The Sparkle Is Back For Fall!

This fall, everything is about the sparkle – and lots of it!  Much of it is inspired by Regency and Victorian-era designs made popular by shows like Downton Abbey.  If it glitters and shines, then chances are, there’s a place for it here at Easily Distracted!  After all, we are easily distracted by bright and shiny objects!

New styles for fall

In the stores, look for clothes featuring muted tones, particularly in purples, tans, browns, greens, and black.  We’ve designed some of our new fall line to compliment these colors, while managing to keep our own unique look.

red sparkle link bracelet

For those on the daring side, try something in red for a little bigger dash of color.  No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong!

purple sparkle stretch bracelet

Also, look for our post-BeadFest report coming soon! new earrings for fall


About empress

As the owner/operator/designer of Easily Distracted Designs, Bethany is responsible for just about every aspect of the business, including translating high-end fashion design into wearable styles for every woman.
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