2015 – The Year Of Romance

In late 2014 when Pantone announced that the “color of 2015″ was Marsala, there was a collective head scratching among jewelry designers around the world.  Despite the fact that Pantone is the world’s authority on color (not to mention the people who single-handedly standardized color processing and reproduction around the world) the choice was an odd one, especially coming on the heels of Radiant Orchid, which was far from a popular choice.

Courtesy: Pantone

So what’s a designer to do with an unpopular color that some have suggested looks like rusty rain?  You can ignore it, of course, but when it’s the color of the year, that’s rather difficult to do.

Several enterprising jewelry bloggers decided to take a different tactic and, unlike in 2013 when Emerald was the star of the show, suggested that Marsala be incorporated into designs rather than the focus.  Thus, “the year of romance” was born.

Do I like the idea?  I love it!  As a color, Marsala is difficult to work with as a stand alone, though it does appear frequently in color palates found in things like Venetian glass, such as this piece from The Venetian Bead Shop, and direct from Venice, Italy.

  Venice, Italy

And when one thinks of Venice and Italy and red, because really, Marsala does fall in the red portion of the Pantone color spectrum, what else does one think about?  Love and romance, of course!  Combine that with some of the hot music trends, such as the resurgence of classic R&B ballads of artists like Peabo Bryson, the new love songs by artists like John Legend, and the rise of two classically trained virtuoso cellists from Croatia, and you have a true recipe for romance.


2Cellos (“Thunderstruck” video image courtesy 2CellosFanClub)

So what does all of this mean for me in the coming year?  Well I’m certainly going to do my best to incorporate Marasala into my designs.  However, as I’ve proven so far this year, I’m also not going to abandon my usual colors.  After all, they’re what work best for me, especially with the new designs I’ve been experimenting with so far in the new year.

However, I do love the idea of “The Year of Romance” so expect to see a lot of pinks, reds, and pearls worked into my usual colors.  And if you hear me humming a silly little love song while I’m working?  Well, that’s to be expected.  It is the year of romance, after all!

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