Just For the Shell Of It…

Difficult to believe that summer has already come and gone.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking selfies with my mom as we were on our way to the local Memorial Day services.  Did I mention that was my mom’s first-ever selfie???

It also seems like my friend Amy and I were hanging out with our husbands at the Origins Game Fair in Columbus not so long ago as well.  Throw in a couple of space marines and these two Steampunk gals are good to go!  Super soaker “ray gun” not included, of course.

Anyway, the point is that despite the fact that I have done a few fall craft fairs already and just put my Halloween things in the stores, I am still in full-on summer mode.  I’ve spent my non-Romance writing days as of late working with shells and resin and all sorts of bright, shiny, easily distracting things.  It also occurred to me that, despite my best intentions, I haven’t updated this blog either.  So that’s just what this is…a segue from summer into fall with a quick peek at what I’ve doing to fill my time, including some cool new designs featuring resin, shells, glitter, and, believe it or not, scrabble tiles!

Here’s a small sampling…

  The Night Watch

An Owl Explosion

Dream A Little Dream

Ocean Deep

Matching earrings for Ocean Deep

So, as you can see, I’ve been a little busy this summer.  But starting tomorrow, I make my big press for the rest of my fall things so keep checking back.  And this time, I promise I’ll be more diligent with my updates.

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