New Year…New Styles

It’s January which means it’s time for the annual White Sales in stores – or it used to be “the thing” back in the 70s and 80s when I was a kid.  It’s also time for organizational sales and the beginning of the run up to Paris Fashion Week.

For jewelry designers, it’s also time to start looking ahead.  What’s new this season?  Are tassels still going to be the big thing?  Or will a new trend emerge?  Will Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 be a hit?  Or will be be like the 2015 color, Marsala, and have everyone scratching their heads about how to use it?  Personally, I like Greenery and hope it does well.

  Courtesy: Pantone

As for what’s new at Easily Distracted?  I have two words – metal stamping!

I’ve dabbled in stamping before but considering what’s going on in my personal life, the idea of whacking something – hard – with a hammer holds a great deal of appeal for me at the moment.  I already had most of the supplies, including two letter sets – a basic set and ImpressArt’s Juniper font – a handful of symbols and a lot of hammers, including ImpressArt’s Ergo Angle Metal Stamping Hammer, which does indeed live up to its much heralded reputation.

So when I received a bunch of Michael’s gift cards for Christmas, I could think of nothing better to spend them on than more metal stamping supplies.  I could go on and on about the changes Michael’s has made and not for the better, but I won’t.  Because this is about metal stamping.

Anyway, I meandered over to my local Michael’s, picked up a bunch of ImpressArt blanks – I know from experience to only use quality stamping blanks because you do get what you pay for in this case – and set to work.  I was extremely pleased with the results and that’s putting it mildly.  And in the case of my sample disk, I added a little bling because I can’t ever just do things by the book.  I am forever altering or playing around with whatever designs I see.

I will say that in my case, the hammer makes ALL of the difference.  I’ve done stamping before with mixed results but this new, ergo single strike hammer?  The difference is HUGE!  And it makes stamping so much easier.  Instead of creating what I would consider middling pieces at best, I was able to create clean, clear letters with a single strike and, after watching a few videos on Beaducation’s YouTube channel, discovered that using Ranger’s Vintaj patinas to darken the design is A LOT easier than the old Sharpie-coloring method that so many have advocated for so long.  If you are comfortable working with patinas like I am, then this is a breeze and it gives a nicer, more professional looking finish.  So stamping will continue into 2017 because it’s fun, it’s easy and it makes a nice product addition to my line.

As I was showing my husband the results the other night, a new style of bead caught my eye and I mentioned that I thought I might like to try working with those in the near future.  He simply shook his head and smiled and made the comment that “easily distracted” is by far the most appropriate business name he has ever heard.  Yeah.  It probably is.

“To The Moon And Back” sample bracelet


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