Our Materials

At Easily Distracted, we strive to use only the finest materials in our creations.  We utilize gold and silver plated metals in most of our designs, as well as Sterling Silver and 14K gold, whenever the piece is designed to be an heirloom or a “statement” piece that will be appreciated for years to come.

Most of our designs incorporate Czech glass, Swarovski crystals, Gobi Crystal, freshwater pearls, fine metals, artisan-grade hand-crafted glass, enameled metals, and semi-precious stones, both natural and cultured.  We also like to incorporate “found objects,” which include stamps, ribbon, paper, photos, buttons, vintage skeleton keys and other, similar items, into our designs whenever possible, giving them a unique, personal touch.  In general, we do not use rubber or plastics in our designs, unless it is DuPont’s Lucite on special occasions, or if it is an element requested by a client for a commission piece.

Additionally, we do not substitute already manufactured glass domes for resin in our pendants and bezel-based pieces.  All of our resin products, including domed pendants, are hand-poured, using professional jeweler’s grade ICE-brand resin in a multi-layer, multi-step process that ensures you receive a quality piece of jewelry.

Our hand-patinaed items are created using a variety of products and processes, including Ranger’s Vintaj patinas, as well as the full line of Swellegant products, and occasionally, a butane torch.  All patinaed metals are sealed after treatment using either Vintaj or Swellegant sealers in combination with Renaissance Wax, a crystaline wax developed by the British Museum to protect suits of armor and other metal items from damage caused by oils found in human skin.  It works just as well protecting your clothing and skin from the paints and dyes used in the patina process!

Last, but certainly not least, all of our designs receive a unique name and become part of a collection before being sold.  Some of our most popular collections include “High Tea,” which features Victorian-inspired items and the “Modern Elegance” collection which offers modern designs with a classic twist.

If you have a question about the materials or processes we use, please feel free to contact us.

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