Repair Policy

Although all EDD jewelry is made to the highest standards, sometimes things happen.  Clasps can break, glass beads crack or a jump ring decides that it’s time to “let go.”  When this happens, please contact us about repairing your piece.  When the piece is returned to us, we will then notify you regarding the necessary repairs.  If the problem was caused by something we did (i.e. a bad jump ring, a bead cracking along a fissure line, etc.) we will repair your piece at no cost.  However, if the damage was caused from “abuse” of the piece (yanking it, getting it caught on something, improper wear or handling, rough treatment, immersion in water, etc.) there will be a charge for any necessary repairs.  EDD reserves the right to make the determination as to how the damage occurred.

Please note that we are also not responsible for any damage or repairs once the piece has been repaired by someone other than Easily Distracted Designs.  That includes other jewelers (fine or handmade), yourself or family members, or other jewelry professionals.  Once your piece has been worked on by someone else, we will no longer guarantee the work.

If you do happen to have an accident, such as getting a strung bracelet caught on a drawer pull, please gather as many of the beads and other components as possible.  Many of our components come from specialty stores and cannot be replaced.  If you lose beads or other pieces, substitutions of a similar nature may be necessary due to unavailability of parts.

Finally, please remember to treat your handmade pieces as the fine jewelry that they are and they will last you a lifetime.